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Department of Culture

Dedicated to preserving and promoting Somali culture, this department works on initiatives to safeguard traditional practices, customs, and heritage. It focuses on fostering a sense of identity and pride among the Somali population.The Department of Culture stands as a guardian of Somalia’s rich cultural heritage, committed to preserving, promoting, and celebrating the diverse traditions that […]
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Dalka Journal

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Somali National News Agency

As a primary source of news for the nation, this agency gathers, verifies, and disseminates news stories. It plays a crucial role in maintaining an informed citizenry by providing timely and accurate news coverage. The Somali National News Agency (SONNA) stands as the heartbeat of information in Somalia, dedicated to delivering credible and up-to-the-minute news […]
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Radio Mogadishu

A significant player in the media landscape, Radio Mogadishu broadcasts news, educational programs, and entertainment to the Somali population. It serves as a vital communication channel for the government to connect with the public. Radio Mogadishu stands as a cornerstone in the media landscape of Somalia, wielding influence as a dynamic and versatile broadcasting entity. […]
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Department of Tourism

Tasked with promoting Somalia as a tourist destination, this department works on developing and implementing strategies to attract visitors. It plays a vital role in showcasing the country’s natural beauty, historical sites, and cultural richness. The Department of Tourism plays a multifaceted role in positioning Somalia as a desirable destination. Through strategic planning, infrastructure development, […]
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Somali National Television

With a focus on visual media, the Somali National Television department produces and broadcasts television programs that inform, entertain, and educate the public. It plays a key role in shaping the narrative and broadcasting important government messages. The Somali National Television (SNTV) is a vital component of the Ministry of Information in Somalia, with a […]
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