Liban Abdi Ali, Is journalist and the Director of Somali National Television (SNTV)

Liban has Bachelor and Masters in Law,He has 20 yrs in Media

LibanAbdi Ali his preferred nick name is hayaan. Is a prominent Somali Journalist. Born in Harardhere,Mudug, Central Somalia in 1982.
He started his journalism career in 2002 when he joined IQK radio station in Mogadishu as a producer and news presenter. He Also worked with Goobjoog website .

In Late 2004 when Tsunami hit number of coastal areas in south and North eastern Somalia, he covered that for DW Arabic Radio.
In travelled to Sudan and joined the International University Africa, where he studied law. Liban became the regional correspondent of DW Arabic Radio and also served as reporter of Qatar Radio in Doha for Somalia affairs. Liban Covered a number Somalia related issues in the region. He travelled to Asmara, Eritrea to cover the establishment of ARS movement against Ethiopian military presence in Somalia, he also covered the election of Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed in Djibouti for DW, France24 and Qatar Radio.

Liban participated in number of media trainings conducted by BBC World Trust. As he travelled to number of countries for media trainings

In 2009 Liban became the correspondent of Radio Sawa in Somalia and reported from Mogadishu which was witnessing a severe fight between Somali government and Alshabaab militant group.
Liban helped at the same time in the reopening of the Somali State Radio (Radio Mogadishu) by serving as the minister of information’s advisor.

In July 2011, Liban joined the Alhurra TV channel , the sister of Radio Sawa in Washington and covered the drought, famine and the humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

Liban interview number of heavy weight politicians like Ahmet Davout Oglu, former Turkish foreign minister, President Hassan Sheikh, Prime minister Abdiweli Gaas and others.

Liban’s latest interview was with Somali’s prime minister Hassan Ali Kheyre on January 1st 2018.