Bio Nasra Bashir Ali

Nasra Bashir Ali is a young Somali Journalist working is the Somalia’s state media.
She is currently the special correspondent of SNTV and Radio Mogadishu in the Office of the Prime minister.

Formerly, between 2012 – 2014, Nasra served as the parliament correspondent for Somali National Television. Before joining state media of Somalia, Nasra worked in various media outlets, specially Radio Stations.

She worked as reporter and later as news anchor in StarFM in Nairobi,Kenya and Radio Danan in Mogadishu.
Nasra’s reports usually receive a lot of reach in mainstream media and social media platforms.

Nasra Bashir Ali won an award last year because of its perfect coverage of the current affairs in the country.

Below some links of Nasra’s reports for Somali National Television.

Somali prime minister Congratulate for me in his Official Account who was Verified you can se that facebook link my Photo

This link for Radio Mogadishu website that i wrote

Also you can find some links of Youtube about for me like :-

First youtube link is from UNESCO about me

Second Youtube link is Somali Prime minister and me

More Youtube Links for my news

First news you can see is my news from Doha when i was Traveled for Somali Prime minister

This link also you can see my face is from news of Somali Cabinet Ministers

This Youtube link is when i get Award for best Somali Journalist in 2018

This Youtube link is Interview for Somali Former Speaker of Parliament

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