The National Newspaper (DALKA) is one of the largest newspapers in Somalia and was established in 1st July 1960. The National Newspaper (Dalka) is a state owned newspaper which works under guidelines & control of the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism.

The National Newspaper (Dalka) is one of the most important reading materials in the life of a literate people. In the modern age, without a newspaper a person cannot think of his/her daily routine life. The need for a proper marketing of the newspaper marketing has a risen because of the rapid change in the communication process.

An effective marketing strategy is required to retain the current customers as ill as to attract potential ones. A newspaper as a product can satisfy the need for getting the information that helps in decision making process of the social and family life.

Currently the largest circulated weekly national newspaper (Dalka) in the country is the weekly newspaper with having an average circulation of 100,000 copies per week; marketing information system can help formulation of the marketing strategy of a newspaper. The weekly national newspaper (Dalka) authority can improve their marketing strategy and fulfill the need of the readers when not only print media but also electronic media is contesting very aggressively to attract current as ill as potential customers.

The national newspaper (Dalka), therefore, speaks in the government language, with its articles focusing on public performance as well as advances in security, education, economics and commerce. .

As a result, the national newspaper (Dalka) offers a great opportunity for government agencies, Somali businessmen, general, local and international organizations interested in delivering the Somali public with their messages and ideas or anything that concerns the development of the country. Or for the new services that they are interested in sharing with the wider Somali community, it has developed a website for spreading their messages.

The Available Services for the National Newspaper (Dalka) are as follows:

 Government Agencies.

The national newspaper (Dalka) is available for the following services to all government institutions.

1.    That they can present their message to the community in a way that they would like to reach the general public, especially those that are social and productive.

2.    The National newspaper gives a chance to present their views on progress and programs specific to these institutions based on views that do not conflict with or undermine the Somali government.

Private Companies

All businesses operating in the country such as telecommunications, banking, airlines and any company that provides services to the Somali community, and needs access to their services, the national newspaper provides with them  opportunities to share the new services provided to the general public, and these opportunities can be as follows

1. The magazine will be published for new services and will include a section of the newspaper specifically for the new service messages page.

2. The national newspaper can also publish their views on business development in the country by submitting an article.

3. It also gives the national newspaper an opportunity for business enterprises in general to report on their business development and their financial growth each year.

Requirements needed from businesses and organizations interested in their messages to be published in the national news paper.

The national newspaper’s (Dalka) administration welcomes any company or organization that is interested in presenting its message in the newspaper.

They are required to meet the following requirements.

1.    Let the company or organization write a request letter to the SONNA & Newspaper Department of Management.

2.    Fill out an application form for the newspaper.

3.     To submit to the company or organization the type of message to be submitted and to apply the letter of opportunity or the means of conveying the messages to the national newspaper.

4.     Will be ready to pay the service charge monthly, three months. Six months or a year.

5.     The company, agency or bank should clarify who is responsible for the messaging and facilitation activities.

6.    Submit the address and location of a printed copy of the national newspaper for the company and the organization.

7.    All messages should be constructive and not contradictory to the laws of the country, and should encourage the state.

8.    Pay the service charge on the fifth of each month, if the agreement is monthly.

9.    Send a copy of the paid letter to the administration of the national newspaper (Dalka).

10.  Submit their new message to the national newspaper (Dalka) before the deadline on every Thursday.