The MOI Human Resources & Training Department is responsible for developing human resource and administrative policies and procedures and ensures they are effective, efficient, fair and transparent, and promotes equal opportunities and Fully recognizes the full power of Staff Recruitment Procedure, Staff Development, Maintaining Staff Diversity, Staff Resignation and Termination, Grievance and Dispute Resolution, Occupational Health and Safety, Maintaining Personnel File, Achieving Conducive Work Institutional, and Staff Welfare Procedures.

The Human Resource & Training department is tasked with:

·       Human Resource & Training Department puts strength to hire and select the best-qualified persons that help or contribute to the achievements of the mandate, vision and the mission of the Institution.

·       To motivate planned and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of MOI staff, so as to enable MOI to achieve its mandate.

·       To produce and preserve Personnel files for all the employees of MOI for the benefit of both the MOI and the employees

·       To establish and maintain personnel files and assess training and development needs of staff and provide appropriate induction and orientation, training, supervision and support as required.

·       Maintaining computerized records for all employees in the areas of HR management and development;

·       Monitor and uphold staff conduct and discipline and organize regular performance evaluations of all staff;

  • Human Resource & Training Department recognizes its responsibility to enhance the capabilities of the employee to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.
  • To promote the competencies of MOI staff through training in order to achieve the objectives and goals of the MOI.

·       Human Resource & Training Department shall also encourage supervisor’s support to sustain staff diversity for instance making it part of their performance appraisals.

·       Identifying training and development needs within the Ministry through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with the Directors of the Ministry and human resources department.

·       Designing and expanding training and development programmes based on both the Ministry’s and the individual’s needs;

·       Human Resource & Training Department will develop clear disciplinary, job exit process to maintain fairness and transparency to all the staff of the Ministry of Information Culture & Tourism (MOI).