Ministry Of Information,Culture and Tourism to Launch Nationwide Tourism Competition.

Ministry Of Information,Culture and Tourism to Launch Nationwide Tourism Competition.

The director of tourism at the ministry of information, culture and tourism Mrs. Farhiyo Saman announced that there is an upcoming competition that districts around the country will compete on best tourism destination. She said on 20th this month the completion will officially kick off with the ministry’s top officials launching it.

Districts around the country will present their regions as the best tourism destination based on many factors including natural beauty, culture and hospitality. The district officials will also present the progress they have done on the beautification of the regions.

The tourism director MrsFarhiyo Samaan said districts in the capital Mogadishu have been already competing on best tourism destination in the past few weeks. They have been recording pleasant images of the districts with some organizing tours to their regions. This has motivated several youth and Mogadishu residents to tour the regions presented and do outings with families and friends.

The director general of the ministry of information, culture and tourism Abdirahman Yussuf Al- Adaala threw his weight behind the upcoming Competition.

In a press statement he explained the intentions of the ministry for doing this much awaited Competition. He said the ministry has been organizing this Competition between districts and regions in the country for some time and he hopes to bring the best in all regions of Somalia.

“The ministry of information is in charge of tourism in the country and the current government has prioritized reviving the tourism industry in Somalia. As we are all aware the tourism industry is not properly functional and we have responsibility as a ministry to put Somalia on the world map as tourism destination. The narrative at the moment is not favorable for tourism efforts and we hope to change that starting with this completion.

Tourism is a major source of income for many countries and the leading foreign exchange earner. Several local industries that are struggling or none existent such as hoteliers will revive and thus improve the GDP of the country”, Said the director Generalof the Ministry of information, culture and tourism.

The director said his ministry has been tirelessly trying to paint Somalia as desired tourist destination. He said the country has many appealing and beautiful destinations, the aim of the tourism department was to show the world what Somalia has and to some extent they have succeeded in doing that.

Somalia has tourism favorable climate and the youth has shown the need to have safe and organized tourism destination. The youth have been organizing themselves to tour section of the country that has been identified as tourist destination. The director general of the ministry said such moves has motivated his ministry to increase the number of destinations and organized events that will increase tourism activities.

The ministry of tourism will soon hold a national conference with the aim to identify tourism destinations in the country and places that can be set up as new destinations. This will help local tourists to move freely within the country and enjoy the beauty of the country. International travelers will also be able to visit the country and have a memorable stay.

Finally, the director general of the ministry of information culture and tourism urged tourism stake holders to come forward and bring to the table constructive suggestions on how to improve tourism conditions in the country. Any suggestions will be considered and be thoroughly discussed.

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