PRESS RELEASE: SNA, AFRICOM respond allegations on civilian casualties

PRESS RELEASE: SNA, AFRICOM respond allegations on civilian casualties

The Federal Government of Somalia and US AFRICOM are aware of claims of civilian
casualties made by pro-al-Shabaab news outlets following an airstrike near Jamame on 10 April 2020. The allegations are lies typical of the terrorist group.

The individuals targeted by the strike had just minutes before being seen desecrating the bodies of Somali National Army soldiers who had been killed by al-Shabaab.
This crime was made even more heinous when al-Shabaab forced the villagers of Koban to watch this desecration take place. Following the criminal act, the al-Shabaab terrorists departed the village and were killed by a precision airstrike as soon as they were away from innocent civilians.

This strike highlights the vital partnership between the United States and the Somali
Government as well as the significant efforts undertaken to avoid civilian casualties.

The care and considerations of the Somali Government and the United States contrast sharply with al-Shabaab, who, decimated by battlefield losses such as the liberation of Janaale in March, has increasingly resorted to cruelty toward the civilian population and false propaganda to cover up their defeats.

Al-Shabaab must understand that criminal acts such as the desecration of bodies will be met with swift justice by the increasingly capable Somali National Army and its partners.”

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