The Private Media coordination Department is under the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism responsible for communicating, collaborating and monitoring the private media outlets in aim to promote for patriotism, social unity and transparency.


  • The Department aspires to establish media platforms that contribute in the best interest of religion, country and people.
  • The Department is aiming to create unified and cooperative media outlets.
  • The Department aspires to have a unified media that participates in the government public awareness campaigns and programs.
  • The Department closely follows up with foreign journalists in the country.
  • The department actively working to strengthen relations with private media sector in the country.


The department is in charge of:

1-To record the official number of private media (TV’s, Radio stations and news websites).

2-Monitering the content broadcasted by private media.

3-collecting all necessasary information for all private media platforms in the country. (Information about the establishment, founders and the establishment intent goals).

4- Provide all security requirements.

4-keep in check with all the employees in the private media sector and their working conditions.

5- Enhancing their performance and security capacity in collaboration with relevant organizations.

6-Collecting and analyzing the data published through social media platforms.

7-The Department will concentrate its efforts on mobilizing and finalizing the Media coordination successfully.

8- Gathering Official Information on T.Vs operating in Mogadishu & the Regions.