§  Background History

The first regular TV services began in Somalia in 1983, with funds obtained from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates with broadcasting (in Somali and Arabic) two hours daily and three hours on Fridays and holidays, ceasing its operation during the civil war. Somali National Television is the principal public service broadcaster in Somalia. Headquartered in Mogadishu, the nation’s capital, its main responsibility is to provide public service broadcasting throughout the country.

SNTV is regulated by the Ministry of Information Culture & Tourism

§ Legal Mandate

Somali National Television is the federal government-run television of Somalia. Is a state corporation established to provide independent and impartial broadcasting services of information, education and entertainment in Somali languages that the corporation may decide.

§  Our Mission

To enrich lives and strengthen our community through the power of media.

§ Our Vision

o   To be a leader in public media, both locally and nationally.

o   To be a trusted resource of information and inspiration for individuals.

o   To be the preferred media partner for mission-similar organizations.

o   To be valued as a pre-eminent public institution in and for the state of Somalia.

§ Our Values

v To be an exemplary steward of the public trust.

v To seek diversity and excellence in people, ideas and services.

v To Build and nourish relationships in the community.

v To hold ourselves accountable for results.

v To emphasize innovation in all our work.

v To help each other succeeds as colleagues.

§ Our Guiding Principles

v We live our values, caring as much about how we do our work as what we do.

v We embrace public media’s commitment to engage and serve those in our community whose needs may be unmet by commercial enterprises.

v We are an integral part of our community: by strengthening that community, we improve our own lives and build our organization.

v  We seek to grow this organization and its impact, becoming as adept at using “new” media as we are at using television and leveraging the “triple play” of on air, online and on-the-ground initiatives.

v  We build on our core competencies of fostering lifelong learning, promoting civic engagement and preserving the history and culture of our state and our nation.

v  We continuously improve our operations, using the resources entrusted to us in the most efficient and effective way possible.

v  We nurture and grow talent throughout the organization, intentionally developing the next generation of leadership for public media.


The Main Focus Areas of SNTV Are As Follows:






The three areas that serve to organize our Institution-wide work.


what we aspire to be in each of our Focus Areas by the end of 2020.

Strategic Initiatives

The bodies of work that will take us toward our Destinations.


Specific actions and individual projects that are undertaken in support of a specific Strategic Initiative. Developed each year in the Annual Plan.

Director of SNTV Mr. Sharma’arke Mohamed Warsame. Email: director.sntv@moi.gov.so
Phone Number:+252 61 7900003.