• Definition: The Somali National Film Agency (SONFA) is one of the governmental agencies which is responsible for the production of Films, documentaries, awareness clips, taking of beautiful photos which shows History, Culture, Tourism and progress made in the country.


The film was the first of the revolutionary government with its work in the capital city as workers were few. Revolutionary exposed the National Development Agency through its budgetary because they felt the need for the film agency and the role played by the spread of goodwill and progress in the country as a result of its the agency of the private sector is managed independently although it is directly related to the administration of the Ministry of Information and the guidance of the people that has now been transferred to the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

The agency is privately run by the law on article 27, February 25, 1972, which defines the duties and responsibilities of the country and the people.

The agency came to the conclusion that as business people were involved in the delivery, distribution and broadcasting of films for the interest of the country, religion and people, the agency took over all the activities and created a number of branches in the business sector and made by the Censorship Board.

The Somali National Film Agency is a national state corporation under the Ministry of Information Culture And Tourism which is mandated by Films and Stage Plays Act Cap to regulate the creation, broadcasting, possession, distribution and exhibition of films in the country with a view to promote national values and morality. The Ministry of Information Culture And Tourism further empowers the Somali National Film Agency to:
i). Enforce the programming Code for the free-to-air radio and TV services by ensuring that all programme and non-programme matter, namely commercials, infomercials, documentaries, programme promotions, programme listings, community service announcements and station identifications are classified before they air.

ii).Giving consumer advise by empowering film and broadcast content consumer with knowledge to make informed choices
iii).Registering and licensing film agents, local and international filmmakers, distributors and exhibitors.
iv).Prescribing and developing guidelines on film and broadcast content regulation in the country.

 Objectives of Somali National Film Agency 

To produce short films and long films which is very useful to the people

  To documentaries about Somali history, culture, tourism, good governance, progress made by the government, anti corruption and anti terrorism, piracy and so on.

Ø  Conducting outreach activities and also monitors all films distributed to the people through censorship board of the agency
Ø  Offering opportunities for projects in the country
Ø  Government and Social Integration
Ø  Revenue by filming and licensing by companies involved in the film Production or private people which product films or documentaries
Ø  Introduce the country's resources and the opportunities for investors in the country
Ø  Emphasize the history and culture of Somali society
Ø  Educate the new generations about their Country and Patriotism 
Ø  Educate the people about Federalism and decentralization in a good governance
The Vision of the Somali National Film Agency (VISION)

Ø  Re-creation of Somali National Film Agency including International Relationship, the region, Arab states and promoting of working together in the agencies.

Ø  To participate on the rebuilding of the country as well as the nation.

Ø  To strive for a quality local film and video industry that is representative of the nation and commercially viable.

Ø  This is to be done using various institutional development tactics, capacity building and strategic planning.


The Mission of the Somali National Film Agency (Mission)
Ø  Producing Films, Documentaries, on Somali History, Culture, Economic, Education and development sectors and also take photos which show all the above issues as countrywide. 
Ø  Find a well-stocked (storage) for the Images and visual clips.
Ø  To create a gateway to economic growth through excellence in film
Ø  To manage and monitor native and foreign film industry when they are producing films in Somalia.
Ø  Promote tourisms and tourism places
Ø  Illustrate opportunities for investors to invest.
Ø  Participate in civic education by making films and documentaries
Ø  Encourage the public image of the state and citizenship
Ø   Participate in national development, peace building and reconciliation


The Somali National Film Agency mandate and core functions


The Somali National Film Agency is mandated to perform the following functions:

Ø  To advise the government and other relevant stakeholders on matters pertaining to development, co-ordination, regulation and promotion of the film industry in Somalia.

Ø  To facilitate the provision of content development, funding and investment for film projects.

Ø  To market Somalia as a Centre for excellence in film production.

Ø  To facilitate proper keeping of Film Archives in Somalia.

Ø  To facilitate investment in the development of film industry infrastructure.

Ø  To be the fabulous National Film Agency partner of choice.

Ø  To make Somalia a center of excellence in film production.



 The Somali National Film Agency Core Values

We are highly committed professional and experienced our service to film service which is trustable and our unique core competences are as follows:

Ø  Accountability.

Ø  Customer Orientation.

Ø  Creativity and Innovation.

Ø  Corporate Social Responsibility.

Ø  Fairness

Ø  Honesty

Ø  Integrity.

Ø  Improvement

Ø  Meritocracy.

Ø  Professionalism.

Ø  Quality Service.

Ø  Reachable.

Ø  Responsive.

Ø  Standardized

Ø  Stewardship.

Ø  Trustable.

Ø  Transparence.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential management component for Somali National Film Agency. Although it has been taken up by mostly private or commercial entities, we at Somali National Film Agency are confident about contributing to the welfare of both our internal and external customers.

Aside from what it is popularly known for, we believe that Somali National Film Agency is the deliberate and conscious effort to work towards ensuring that the dignity, health, environment and general growth of customers and the community is sustained. Somali National Film Agency then takes a much bigger role which is clearly defined in our Somali National Film Agency policies and procedures. The policies & procedures are our Guidelines on what corporate social responsibility means to us. It focuses on nine key pillars, namely:

(I). Director.     (Ii). Lawyer.        (Iii).Consultant.        (IV). Censorship Board.

(v). Head of the Agency.        (VI). Head of Casting       (vii). Producer

(viii). Quality Control             (ix). Editor.