UN Guarantees Full Support for African Union’s Peace and Security Initiatives

UN Guarantees Full Support for African Union’s Peace and Security Initiatives

Addis Ababa(MOI)- United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said his organization is determined to give all the necessary support for the reform of the African Union and building strong ties between the two organizations.

Speaking at the opening of the 33rd Ordinary Session of the African Union (AU) today, the secretary-general said the United Nations can guarantee full support for those AU’s landmark initiatives.

According to Guterres, the United Nations strategic partnership with the African Union is of paramount importance, and the two organizations have been reinforcing a far-reaching joint AU-UN framework on peace and security on the continent.

“We have sought to build strong ties between our two organizations, based on shared values, mutual respect, common interest. I myself have deep commitment to Africa’s peace, prosperity. It’s my conviction that Africa’s challenges can only be solved by African leadership,” he added.

Commending the African Union for giving Silencing Guns such a prominent parts of its work for 2020, the secretary-general said silencing the gun is beyond peace and security. It will also help Africa to ensure inclusive development and human rights.

Guterres underlined that peace, development and rights are intertwined, and the UN would support Africa to address the full spectrum of challenges facing the continent and the world for the coming decade.

He further highlighted the three challenges of particular urgency, including inroads against poverty, tackling the climate crisis and silencing the guns by saying these key milestones are important on the path to realizing Africa’s prosperity vision.

Secretary-General Guterres finally urged the leaders to ensure that women are included in critical decisions in peace processes and post-conflict governance as well as empowering Africa’s youth.


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