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About the Ministry

The Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism in Somalia is a government department responsible for overseeing and implementing policies related to information dissemination, cultural affairs, and tourism development in the country.

Our mandate is to regulate and oversee information dissemination, cultural preservation, and media activities in Somalia. We are committed to promoting responsible journalism, preserving cultural identity, and ensuring transparent communication between the government and the public.

Mission : To foster transparent communication, celebrate cultural heritage, and advance media excellence for the empowerment of the Somali people.

Vision: A united and informed Somali society, where cultural richness is preserved, and media serves as a powerful tool for progress and unity.

Key Functions:

Information Dissemination:

    • Managing government communications and public relations.
    • Overseeing state media and broadcasting services.
    • Ensuring transparency in government activities.

Cultural Affairs:

      • Promoting and preserving Somali cultural heritage.
      • Supporting artistic and cultural initiatives.
      • Facilitating cultural exchange programs.

Tourism Development:

      • Developing policies to promote tourism in Somalia.
      • Implementing strategies to attract domestic and international tourists.
      • Collaborating with other ministries and agencies to improve tourism infrastructure.

Media Regulation:

    • Regulating and licensing media organizations.
    • Ensuring adherence to media ethics and standards.
    • Facilitating a free and responsible press.

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Sat – Thu: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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