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Ministry of Information Initiates National Media Strategy

Ministry of Information Initiates National Media Strategy

Mogadishu, (SONNA) – Abdullahi Hayir Duale, the Director General of the Information Ministry of the Federal Government of Somalia has initiated a three-day National Communication Strategy workshop for Somalia‘s media. 

The Director General of the Ministry, Mr. Abdullah Hayer Duali, pointed out the importance of the meeting in finding a unified strategy for media in public awareness, with a focus on eliminating the Al-Shabaab militants, strengthening the people’s connection with the government, and increasing public understanding in building the state.

The Deputy Minister of Information, His Excellency Abdul Rahman Yousef Al-Adalah, urged the participants in the meeting to optimally identify societal needs related to positive messages that enhance linking the people with the government.

The focus is on developing a unified strategy to address media and public awareness. Among the attendees was Abdirahman Mohamed (Kanava) Editor-in-chief of Somali National News Agency (SONNA).

The strategy aims to combat Al-Shabaab, promote government initiatives, and raise public awareness and understanding.

Participants discussed the timeline for creating an information strategy tailored to the needs of the Somali community.

The Ministry of Information has established an office to streamline and unify government messages.

Further discussions with regional governments and other key institutions will follow in developing a national media and communication strategy.

The three-day meeting sheds light on ways to develop a strategy to direct information in the country, based on the needs of society.

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