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Federal Government of Somalia Affirms Progress in Counterterrorism Efforts Amid VOA Disinformation Targeting Somalia “Press Release “

Federal Government of Somalia Affirms Progress in Counterterrorism Efforts Amid VOA Disinformation Targeting Somalia “Press Release “

Mogadishu, 20 June 2024: The Federal Government of Somalia has confirmed the ongoing success of military operations against Khawarij terrorists in various parts of the country. Since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud declared war on terrorism two years ago, the collaborative efforts of the armed forces and civil defense units have been yielding positive results.

Significant strides have been achieved, with over 70 towns liberated in the Federal States of Galmudug, HirShabelle, and Jubbaland. Among these areas, which were once strongholds of terrorists but are now under government control, are Aden Yabal, Ruun-Nirgood, El Dheer, Harardhere, and Bulo Haji.
Additionally, government forces have successfully restored the movement of people within an approximately 800 km radius from Mogadishu, allowing for unrestricted travel. Active and effective military campaigns with the support of the international allies against the Kharijites Al Shabab are also ongoing in Lower Shabelle, Bay, Bakol, Gedo, and Lower Jubba regions.

Notably, government forces have successfully stabilized the capital and eradicated the threats of terrorist activities in Mogadishu. This achievement is attributed to the collective efforts of national security agencies and residents who have actively supported stability measures in the capital.

The residents of the liberated regions have also reaped the rewards of national stabilization initiatives, which encompass the provision of essential services like water, healthcare, and education. Additionally, local authorities and security outposts have been established to further enhance stability in these areas.

Despite these notable advancements and successes, the Federal Government of Somalia expresses concern over a recent report by VOA that misrepresents the progress of the Armed Forces. The government strongly refutes the erroneous report released on June 17, which undermines the hard-won achievements of the Armed Forces and the local populace in conflict zones.

The government asserts that such misleading reports, based on false and inaccurate information, will not deter the resolute determination of the army and the Somali people, who are actively seeking peace and stability.

The Federal Government of Somalia reiterates its unwavering commitment to combating terrorism, restoring peace, and securing the nation. It reassures the public that the progress achieved will continue uninterrupted, despite attempts to disseminate misinformation.


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