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Somali National News Agency

As a primary source of news for the nation, this agency gathers, verifies, and disseminates news stories. It plays a crucial role in maintaining an informed citizenry by providing timely and accurate news coverage. The Somali National News Agency (SONNA) stands as the heartbeat of information in Somalia, dedicated to delivering credible and up-to-the-minute news to the nation. 

  1. Comprehensive News Gathering: SONNA serves as a meticulous news gatherer, covering a broad spectrum of topics ranging from local events to global affairs. Journalists within the agency work tirelessly to collect information, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse coverage of news.

  2. Collaboration with Other Media Outlets: SONNA collaborates with other media outlets, both nationally and internationally, to share and receive news stories. This fosters a collaborative information-sharing ecosystem and enhances the collective strength of the media in Somalia.

3. Timely Dissemination: SONNA is committed to delivering news promptly to the public. Through its extensive network of reporters and correspondents, the agency ensures that breaking news and important developments reach the citizens in a timely manner, contributing to a well-informed society.

National and International Coverage

Beyond domestic affairs, SONNA provides a bridge to the global landscape by covering international events and news.

Public Awareness and Education

SONNA plays a crucial role in raising public awareness on various issues.

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Government Accountability

Acting as a watchdog, SONNA holds the government accountable by reporting on its activities, policies, and decisions.

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Multilingual Approach

SONNA often disseminates news in multiple languages, ensuring that a broader section of the population can access and understand the information provided.

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